Garden Room Quotation

Garden Room Quotation Form


If you wish us to provide a quote for a garden room can you please provide some details of the project you are considering.
  • Please provide a postcode as it will help us understand and assess any issues there may be around planning with your local authority.
  • Intended Usage

    What is the intended purpose of your garden room ? If we better understand your usage we will be able to make suggestions around construction or materials that will enhance the final room we build for you.
  • Dimensions

    Please provide approximate dimensions of the room. Please include the units you are measuring in, e.g. metres or feet.
  • Construction

  • How would you like the exterior of the build to look ?
  • Please provide any further information you think will be helpful. If you have specified "other" for the exterior please provide details here of the exterior you would like to have on the garden room.